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2650 West 95th Street

Evergreen Park, IL

2650 West 95th Street is an 11,000 square foot retail property located in the heart of the Evergreen Park retail district. The building sits on a 0.7-acre parcel that is improved by an unoccupied, one-story commercial building. The property is approximately 22 years old and was occupied by Forest City Auto Parts (circa 1996), Blockbuster Video (circa late 1990’s until 2013) and most recently T-Mobile (2012-2017) and Mattress Firm (2013-2018).

The property is located in the primary retail corridor located on 95th Street serving the mature urban destination of Evergreen Park and neighboring communities Beverly (Chicago) and Oak Lawn. This retail area boasts a strong collection of national tenants including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Meijer, Costco, Menard’s and soon to be Whole Foods. The presence of this diverse set of retailers expands the draw for the corridor and attracts customers from a radius beyond that of the typical retail corridor.

Strong 3-mile demographics indicate a population of 225,180 with an average household income of $75,769.  Average daily traffic counts on 95th Street are 30,900.